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NO CLEAN SINGING: “Reviews New Serpents Music Video For The Sunset and The Silhouette”

This is the second Part of the weekly column I began in its usual Sunday slot. I had intended to finish it in time for posting yesterday, but that obviously didn’t work out. Since I ran out of time before I could complete it on Monday, the inevitable happened — it grew larger overnight. On the other hand, Father Time is still being a hoarder of his gifts, so I’m still hurrying, and must try to be sparing with my verbiage…

SPUTNIK MUSIC: “Good Deathcore Bands You Haven’t Heard”

Good Deathcore is an oxymoron, right? Well, that’s true for the most part. But like every genre, there are some hidden gems worth checking out if you enjoy death metal. This list strives to accomplish what previous ones have: getting lesser-known artists out in the open and sharing music…