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WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT: “Serpents U.S. Boycotts Black Friday In Solidarity With Small Businesses All Over America”

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Serpents U.S. frontman, Andrew Mikhail, had some harsh words regarding the phenomenon known as “Black Friday”. Here is what he had to say:

To address some concerns that some Initiates have had today; I wanted to announce that this year, as a small business, I have decided that Serpents will be “boycotting” Black Friday.

At a glance, some of you may view this stance as a malicious move AGAINST our own supporters; but I believe it to be quite the opposite. Being that (currently) our music & merchandise comes from us, and us alone, I believe that this simple fact gives a certain SOUL and artistic integrity to what we’ve been doing here for almost ten years now. Maybe that’s the reason why we’ve been “stuck” as an independent, maybe it’s not…who knows.

Anyways, unlike these major companies/corporations; everything you see, read, and hear from us…comes from US. It’s a labor, yes, but is a labor of LOVE and it always will be. In fact, in return, to show our LOVE for you all…you may notice that we offer sales frequently throughout the year, that are often financially counter-intuitive to our business. But! As a music lover myself, I know how hard it is to get merch from the bands you love, when you are flat broke. So, we actually end up losing money in the long run doing ANY sale; because our prices are already too low to begin with…but to me, I’d rather you guys be happy and have the merch you really want from the band you really love.

What major seller does that for their supporters? No one, because it’s crazy. Well, we’re pretty f*ckin’ crazy ourselves I’d say, and until the day comes where we have an infrastructure and a team to support us…we are unfortunately stuck being classified as a “small business” operating on a global scale, against the companies who could care less about you. They’d rather see your brothers and sisters slitting eachother’s throats while scavenging for deals; because they hold no real value to their own products, nor their supporters.

We care about metal.
We care about you.
We care about the art.

THEY can have no heart, but remember…you can’t have heart, without the art.

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